SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-001
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-002
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-003
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-004
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-005
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-006
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-007
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-008
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-009
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-010
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-011
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-012
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-013
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-014
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-015
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-016
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-017
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-018
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-019
  • Bird Soldier -BRIGHT SKY-020
  • Bird white (Marina) has been injured by fight with insect that evolved. Natsmi and Sayaca that worries about it. Bird soldier to discover in such and insect’s nest and toward site. The insect of the great strength attacks it though it attacks ..nest.. to carry it out ..combustion... Bird soldier that cannot compete at all. And, Bird red (Sayaka) attacks intensively, it is caught up, and it flies the right hand. Is that Bird yellow (Natsumi) that sees it drives recklessly, and consulting and the doubt and Hara fell into one side of , defense by the jet braid. Queen insect that finally shows appearance. Can the peaceful world be really regained from insects??
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