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  • Red Flore is a super-heroine active in the United States. It usually lives as secret investigator Linda Crosby of ICPO, and it fights against a crime of the world day and night. The report ”The treasure of the island was stolen” entered the origin in red Flore from the island Sunrise island where it born and grew up one day. Linda who knows that the criminal and the doctor cloud field in which it deprived of the treasure ”Amazones heart” are in Japan : to the have a day off and the visit to Japan. Matter..Japan..combination..investigation..advance..senior..investigator..Steve..rely spirit..Japanese..investigator..Hashimoto..missing..become..thing..hear. However, Steve is brainwashed with the hand of the doctor cloud field, and has become combat man and a Mr. blizzard that installs a reinforced suit. Both and red Flore where an intense fight is unfolded hesitate in the attack by all means. in.Frozen gas that not is in red Flore not good at the cold pardon and pours down. Can she really return consciousness Steve?And, does the Amazones heart ?
  • Blod and tall female fights aginst the man with power! They acted powerfully full of strength, pain, sadness and endurance. Please enjoy unusual dynamic action and reaction.
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