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  • After the Third World War... the despotic state of ”Acrodish”, uses the absolute power of the state and forces its citizens to take a brainwashing drug called ”clajium”, in order to achieve national unity. All those who revolt against the despotic state, in pursuit of freedom are immediately executed... ”Mohran”, working under Karnak, the one in charge of arresting the insurgents, loyally carries out her duties for the despotic state, but her encounter with the leader of the rebels, Tachibana, triggers her to become suspicious of the ”clajium” that she had been taking up to now. Her feelings of sadness eventually change to wanting to fight for her freedom! The President dispatches combat soldiers to kill ”Keran” the traitor! Raiga and Foogah, formidable enemies and users of the Nishin-Ittaiken appear before her. They beat Keran up and strangle her, that she is in a fix, but she refuses to give up... Unceasing, large-scale, sexy action bursts forth!
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