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  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music001
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music002
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music003
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music004
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music005
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music006
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music007
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music008
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music009
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music010
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music011
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music012
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music013
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music014
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music015
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music016
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music017
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music018
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music019
  • DARK AREA - The Devil Music020
  • It is hot and wet summer evening. A mysterious egg has just hatched at a storage of Toto Biological Institute in Tokyo. A female researcher who happens to be at the institute at that time gets infected by the organism of the egg and goes missing afrerward. Several days later, she shows up at St. Mariane Female School near the institute and sees,with something in her mind, a girl playing the piano. Reiko Shimizu and Rika Hanazono, both are students of the School, belong to the music club and study hard just like every other fellow students. Reiko is a sort of quiet girl but is a talented piano player. Rika, in contrast, is an average pianist but comes from a wealthy family who donates lots of money for school. A female music teacher, Aya Kato, is well aware of their background and changes her attitude toward them. Reiko keeps low profile in relation to Rika and is not allowed to perform her best piano skills. One day the missing female researcher comes up to Aya and kidnaps her. In a storage room at school, the researcher loses her mind and cut through Aya’s stomach, making her another victim of parasite of the mysterious organism. This parasite’s cruel killing will continue until it finds a human being who can play a traditional Scotland music, ”Music Against Evil.” And now, Reiko and Rika become its target!
  • The highlight is the scene where a cruel massacre takes place. The murders were expressed with a grotesque touch. It is recommended to those who have a strong heart.
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