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  • A featherbrained-blunderer and newcomer nurse is May Morimiya (means a girl in sacred woods) but her true character is an agent called the Nurse-Angel who fights against anyone practices ’illegal medical treatment.’ A task of May this time is to infiltrate into the Yamai Hospital(means a illness hospital) and to reveal the illegal medical treatment of Director Yamai and the drug company. Then, several months after she has infiltrated into it, May gets the information from the one of patients, Sara Oishi(means a huge rock on good sands) who has been hospitalized for a long time and knows about the hospital more than May does. However, Sara’s information is wrong but May finally begins to move because she’s sure that there is doubtful motion in the hospital.
  • Absolutely, the highlights are scenes in which Miss Hiroko Kamata shows action with full of fighting spirit and in which her sexy body is being revealed! Her costume is torn apart miserably! And there are continuation of pinch scenes!
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