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  • Here are two nurses: a senior nurse, Rei Aoyama(means a beauteous girl in green mountain), and a curbstone nurse, Mami Momosawa(means plentiful peaches). The two girls has tackled on illegal medical treatment, but an enemy this time exceeds last one! The senior nurse, Aoyama is very bull, and a lone wolf type. On the other hand, the curbstone nurse, Momosawa takes time even to change into the fighting dress, and always works against Aoyama. One day they have a battle against the organization of illegal medical treatment, but Aoyama protects the curbstone nurse Momosawa and gets damaged. Even they let the enemy run by a narrow shave. Momosawa apologizes to Aoyama for protecting her. But Momosawa hears some silly words from Aoyama. It causes a rift between those two. Even Aoyama disregards her boss’s advice, and ventures into the enemy’s secret base of operations on her own. But! What is awaiting her is!! That’s Momosawa who has come to rescue captured Aoyama. Well, how are their fates going to be!? And is it possible for them to beat this new enemy!?
  • This is a second work of the Nurse-Angel. This time two girls became the main casts. Mami Momosawa(acted by Miss Ren Miyase) fights in a pink fighting dress, and Rei Aoyama(acted by Saya Kobayashi) fights in a blue fighting dress. Miss Miyase experienced both action and acting for the first time. She desperately practiced on them during days for her lessons. And she was a quick learner. I believe she will be much better if she practice more! On the other hand, Miss Kobayasho had an acting experience before but no action experience. She is a very persistent person and desperately practiced on action which’s out of her element. During her lessons, she was repeatedly scolded by me, and she sometimes showed tears...I’m sorry. But I believe you can feel her never-give-up mind for her life through the screen. Please see such two girls’ Nurse-Angel 2!!
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