SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • Rosa Kirishima is in search of the perfect beauty.One day she gets a brochure of Syber Beauty Institute.She is one of those women who doesn’t mind spending a lot of money and making any effort to reach the eternal beauty.But this institute doesn’t set out to make women beautiful...Natasha,a journalist,gets a hunch and visits Dr.Kimura,the director of the institute,to find Rosa’s whereabouts. Dr.Kimura pretends to have nothing to do with Rosa.Natasha ventures to sneak into the institute at midnight.But Dr.Kimura is one step ahead and caught her. He puts her on his operation table and gives her a shot made from the cat DNA.Dr.Kimura raises her as savage Cat Girl! In the meantime,her best friend,Rosa,is raised as Cat Devil the Beast by Dr.Kimura.Now,Natasha and Rosa are subjects of the bidding on their fighting and meet face to face in the battle arena!
  • Is it Pro Wrestling this time? You are going to see martial arts actions of every kind. Because of our harsh rehearsals,Andina and Azuma got injured a lot.But thanks to the training,they pulled it off during the shooting.To be honest,the action scenes are not perfect to the sophisticated audience,but the actoresses’ professional commitment makes up for it.Their bodies were so hot that I was happy to get sexy shots!
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