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  • The evil Yoma, the group of space criminals, has not worn away! Two weeks have passed since Armor came back to the Space Police Headquarters to retrain herself. Yoma makes a move once again. They behave outrageously. There appears Excel in Cosmotec suits with the color of deep blue! Excel beats up her enemies one after another. In the meantime, Bisham, one of the four kings of Yoma, casts a cold eye on the battle analyzing it objectively. An evil with EXP abilities disrupts Excel ,taking advantage of the study by Dr. Sawamura, an authority in physics. Then a warrior in a deep red suit appears before Excel who is in danger once again...
  • ◆Staff Comment This production just suits the word ”Classic”. You will be struck by the sense of familiarity with the story, character setting including the leading role, props, etc. Those who love ZEN productions will get satisfaction. Dare I say, if there had been a certain design or character that gives originality to the heroine, it would have established the style characteristic of a ZEN heroine. Otherwise, the perfection level was quite high.
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