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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
  • 月額
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  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura001
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura002
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura003
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura004
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura005
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura006
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura007
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura008
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura009
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura010
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura011
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura012
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura013
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura014
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura015
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura016
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura017
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura018
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura019
  • Shinobi Shadow Sakura020
  • The head of the branch of the Sakura family, Rinka Sakura, takes action, traveling over a several hundred years to get a hold of the secret scroll that had been handed down from generation to generation. Aoi Sakura, belonging to the main strain of the Sakura family does not like fighting. However, after her younger sister Kasumi and moreover, her grandfather Shinzo, is attacked, she is openly enraged. Will Aoi be able to protect the scroll?! Will she be able to defeat Rinka Sakura?!
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