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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
  • 月額
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  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber001
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber002
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber003
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber004
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber005
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber006
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber007
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber008
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber009
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber010
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber011
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber012
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber013
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber014
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber015
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber016
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber017
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber018
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber019
  • Gingaiger -Bomb Monster Bomber020
  • Terror attacks with liquid bomb are happened frequently. Gingaiger thinks that secret society Bagoon pull the strings behind the scenes so she starts investigation. However, it was a Bagoon’s feint. While Mercury and Jupiter leave for the site, their headquarters is destroyed and Mercury and Jupiter are isolated. Mercury is informed that Jupiter is in crisis. Mercury goes to rescue Jupiter but Jupiter was set bombs on her body and stepped on a land mine. Mercury tries to defuse bombs on Jupiter’s body. Then, Bomb monster Bomber and combatants attacks on her. Is Mercury able to save Jupiter and prevent terror attack!?
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