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  • Dual Heroine Vol.03001
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03002
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03003
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03004
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03005
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03006
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03007
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03008
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03009
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03010
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03011
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03012
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03013
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03014
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03015
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03016
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03017
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03018
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03019
  • Dual Heroine Vol.03020
  • ▼Magna Rangers: The battle between Magna Rangers and the Death Corps continue. In the meantime, Pink’s ability to transform is taken away by Thunder Bolt! If things are left as is, the Magna Rangers cannot use the Final Magna Attack, which requires all five members to combine their powers! Pink is driven against the wall. Whatis she going to do?! ▼Space Warrior Dianna: Warrior Dianna fights to protect the peace of the Galaxy. She is forced away from her partner Apollo by the Death Corps, who develop a device for creating an abnormal dimension in space. Warrior Dianna strays into the mysterious Death space. She is unable to equip herself with her reinforcement suit, and has to fight alone, when a brand new monster appears before her. What will become of Dianna, the the space warrior of love and hope?!
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