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  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind001
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind002
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind003
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind004
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind005
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind006
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind007
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind008
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind009
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind010
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind011
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind012
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind013
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind014
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind015
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind016
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind017
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind018
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind019
  • Dream Demon - Closed Mind020
  • The Dream Devil is a devil which appears in humans’ dreams. If the Dream Devil appears, it’s be said that the occurrence of the dream will become true, and it comes out and the person will die on the 7th day―there is a rumor like that. A girl, Atsuko Maehara(means a warmhearted child on a fore field) is fascinated by the Dream Devil, and days that she cannot sleep every night continues... One day Astuko talks with her best friend, Tomoka Kasahara (means a wisdom shade on a fragrant place) over the dreams, but various strange phenomena happen from the night. The Dream Devil comes out into her dreams and unnatural phenomena happen one after another!? Of course, adults (police) don’t believe such a talk. However, among these adults, only a detective, Maiko Osawa (means a hemp cloth from a big stream) thinks that the contents what they’re mentioning resemble her real sister’s death cause, and decides to investigate the incident... Well, is it possible for them to escape from the death due to the time limit for seven days?
  • Surprisingly, the two leading actresses experienced the drama shooting for the first time. Miss Kana Houjou and Miss Marina Yamazaki―believe or not, I never imagined that they could do that far. You see and hear their scream and fear. Please check out their performance!! I really had a hard time shooting it this time. The shooting was really messed up by heavy rain... Possibly, it’s a curse of the Dream Devil...Oh, God!? Nooooooo!!!
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