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  • A female cop wakes up from a coma in a basement room of a hospital. She remembers nothing about the abandoned place, however, suffering from amnesia. She wanders around in the deserted facility and encounters a man who has lost his memories just like her. They cooperate to find out the secret of the mysterious hospital, but there is one thing they will know about it soon enough: horrible zombies are lurking in the hospital! The man is bitten by the zombies, gets seriously wounded, and he too starts attacking the female cop, turning into a zombie himself! Can she come back alive and solve the case to know the truths behind the terrible experiments conducted in the hospital?
  • This is a series based on,aruguably, a simple concept of a beautiful woman fighting horrible monsters. A number of B-horror films using this idea have been made in the American film industry, but I think they are comparatively rare in Japan. As I really like this genre, I decided to stick to a straightforward narrative in making the film so that no details as to the terrifying zombie make-ups and the beautiful heroine should be neglected. The film’s star Miss Ai Kawanaka has cute looks and big breasts and she is perfect as a heroine of horror movie. The film’s highlight is of course the battles between the heroine and the zombies.
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