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  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1001
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1002
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1003
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1004
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1005
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1006
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1007
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1008
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1009
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1010
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1011
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1012
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1013
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1014
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1015
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1016
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1017
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1018
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1019
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.1020
  • [Episode 1] A high school student, Miki, loves paranormal phenomenon. She hears a strange rumor about a small shrine. A phantom appears everytime someone tries to destroy it. Getting an archaeologist, Reiko Kaguya, involved, Miki starts investigating it. In the midst of it comes a unisex girl named Hekiru out of nowhere. As Miki digs deeper, she witnesses the unbelievable. [Episode 2] A national treasure “ the Sacred Mirror of Prince” was stolen. Reiko and Miki dare to investigate it to retrieve. As they follow a lead, it takes an unexpected turn. An evil spirit sealed in the mirror is unleashed and attacks them. But Hekiru saves them in the nick of time telling a tragedy about the spirit.
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