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  • Mai Fukinari, aka Sailor Blanc of Sailor Warriors, has been at war day and night with Zet, an organization of vices. Along with a rookie warrior Jun Yashiro, Sailor Noir, she is fighting Dr. Vamp, a Zet cadre. Dr. Vamp, so far having his ploys foiled by Mai and Jun, has produced a dead warrior Dead Man who bites at people, injects poison to kill and turns the victim into another Dead Man. Mai and Jun have a hard time fighting Dead Men. After a deadly fight, Mai survives but Jun is killed. Alone, Mai bursts into Vamp’s den to interfere with Vamp’s machination but is lost in tentacle attacks by Vamp who has been turned into an immortal specter by Dead Man’s serum. Vamp tortures her to squeeze information on the organization. Then and there appears a warrior to recue her out. It is Jun herself who has been turned immortal after getting infected by Dead Man! Will Jun and Mai be able to thwart Dr. Vamp’s horrific ploy!
  • Sailor Hazard this time is a story about Sailor Warrior with a horror taste. Satoko Murase plays the robust Sailor, with veteran Ayami playing the novice, half-baked junior warrior in a kind of mismatching combination to make it appear fresh. You’ll enjoy the actions as well as the fierce looking Zombies presented in special-effect makeup.
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