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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
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  • Miu Kanon gets the transforming ability into Sakura Pizzicato through her strong wish to bet the power for fighting with witch Noyza who killed Miu’s friends. One day Miu put Noyza into a corner but she missed a good chance to kill Noyza. Noyza suffers a serious damage and screams hate for Sakura Pizzicato. Her scream attracts Evil God Groon. Noyza creates female immortal combatants with the power of Evil God Groon. Sakura Pizzicato is beaten them and captured by Noyza. She revenges her enemy and suffer to Sakura Pizzicato. She manages to escape and beat Noyza but it generate new terror. Horrible enemy attacks Sakura Pizzicato now!
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