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What are the system requirements to play the video?
The system requirements to play our videos is listed below:

OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0 or above
Media Player: Windows Media Player (WMP) Version 11 or above
Internet Connection: FTTH (optical cable)/CATV (cable)/ADSL
How do I play the videos with Windows 8?
Procedures for playing the video using Windows 8
*Windows RT is incapable of playing our videos.

All of the movies in our website are in WMV format. This type of format cannot be played using "Video"(the standard video application installed for Windows 8.) Our movies are only playable using "Windows Media Player" that is usually installed besides "Video."

Usually, the video file is set to play using "Video."

If the file is played using "Video," please try the following procedures to change the settings to "Windows Media Player":

1. Right-click on a download file. From the menu, please select (A) or (B):
A. Click on "Play with Windows Media Player"
B. Click on "Open with" => Choose "Windows Media Player."

2. To set Windows Media Player as the default program
Right-click on the video file, and click on "Open with" from the menu => Select "Choose Default Program" and click on "WMV files," and select "Windows Media Player" as your default media player.
Is there a way to check if the video will work properly on my PC?
Yes, please use our Test Movie to check the performance.
I cannot play the videos.
First, please check our system requirements, and play the Test Movie.>CHECK HERE

If there is an error while you're playing the Test Movie, please check whether you can find an error message and/or error condition on the following list. >>LIST OF ERRORS

If you cannot play the Test Movie or find an error and/or error condition mentioned on the list, please contact our customer service representative. We will check the problem as soon as possible.

Please tell us the information listed below:
- Your User ID
- The error message and/or error condition
- The type of Operating System
- The type of Internet Browser and its version
- The version of Windows Media Player
When I start playing my video, I'm asked to upgrade Windows Media Player.
We are using Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) for license authentication for the purpose of protecting the movies.
When you play a video that requires license authentication, you will need to upgrade Windows Media Player to the latest version.
Please follow the on-screen instructions, and complete the upgrade.

If you cannot complete the upgrade, please visit Microsoft's Online Support Page, and check their the procedures.
When I try to play the video, I get the license confirmation screen.
Please enter your ID and password for our website to play the video. Do not enter your MaxConnect (the credit card settlement service) ID and password.
Can I play the videos using other media player besides Windows Media Player?
No, the videos on our website are protected by the Digital Rights Management that is only compatible with Windows Media Player. Our videos are only available for the Windows Media Player.
The video keeps stopping halfway through the movie.
If a download stops in mid-flow or the size of a file isn't the same as the one shown on the website, there is a possibility that the file may have been corrupted due to a download failure. If so, please clear the browser's cache and retry downloading the file.

-Delete the file you have downloaded previously
-Delete the cache of your internet browser
1. Start Internet Explorer;Click on "Tools" from the menu bar => Open "Internet Settings"
2. Click on the "General" tab; Choose "Delete Files..." from the Temporary Internet Files
3. After deleting the file, click on a button "OK" and close it once. And restart Internet Explorer
-Download the video once again

There are numerous reasons for download failures, so we cannot tell the particular reason indiscriminately. But in many cases, it is caused by "deficiency in line speed," "network congestion" and/or "a problem of internet connection environment" and so on.

Other Possible Reasons for a Corrupt File...

1. Capacity shortage for the hard-drive
If there is not enough capacity in the hard-drive, the download will stop in mid-flow or the temporary file will not be completed. Please check if there is enough capacity for the file, and retry the download.

2. Problems with the Internet Explorer
If the download failure is caused by Internet Explorer, please try using other browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

3. The firewall may be blocking it
Sometimes you cannot download a file on the PC because of the firewall and/or security software. If these security software are in use, please turn OFF the firewall momentarily, close the software completely, and try downloading the file again.
Please turn on the security software after the download.
I cannot fast-forward, rewind, or control the scroll-bar.
The video file may be corrupt because the download was incomplete. Please clear your browser's cache (temporary files), and retry downloading the file.

*If this problem cannot be solved, please take at look at "The video keeps stopping halfway throughout the movie."
I bought a new computer. Can I play the video after I transfer it to the new one?
No, the license key is required to play the videos.
The license key is created only for the PC, which you played the video with. To play the video on a different computer, please download the file again.
For the download video, will I be able to download it once again?
There are no limitations to the number of times you download the movie. After you have logged in to the website, it will be shown on the lists of videos you have purchased.

But for exceptions, if the movie is not purchasable anymore or if you have already canceled your account, you will not be able to download the video.

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