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  • Rei Fukami has been working behind the scenes of medical world as a Psycho Diver that eliminates devils in human souls in return for high compensation. One day, a man named Yuichiro Hoshino visits her office to ask for some task. He says his daughter Michiko does not regain consciousness after getting possessed by a devil! Although she feels some anxiety about Yuichiro’s suspicious attitude, she takes on the request and goes straight to dive into Michiko’s soul. But what is waiting for her is a terrible Incubus’s trap, which lures and preys on Psycho Divers! Incubus has been using Michiko who divorces herself from reality to prey on a number of Psycho Divers. Every attack of Rei is deactivated in the inner world of Michiko that is controlled by Incubus and Rei ends up getting caught by him. Incubus then roughs her up like playing games. Will Rei be able to defeat Incubus and take Michiyo back to the real world!?
  • We had initially planned a full-swing Ninja movie but we thought that it would be more entertaining to arrange it in modern style. In consequence we created this movie featuring a beautiful Ninja-descendant girl fighting as a Psycho Diver against Incubus. The star Masumi Okamura shows us powerful swordplay in spite of her first action movie.
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