SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • Yuri Shiraishi, a senior in college studying to become a child minder, has been working since her freshman days at the house of Aki Kobayashi, an elementary school kid, as a baby sitter cum tutor to gain experience in minding children. One day, Aki tells Yuri a weird story now rampant in her school. The story has stemmed from a real train accident which happened in a winter, where a girl was run over by a train, severing her body into two; upper and lower parts. The girl died in great agony, and her spirits were roaming with her upper body. Yuri, returning home, spends carefree hours with her lover, Kenji. And, the news on the TV reports an accident that is identical with the weird story Aki was telling. Ever since that day, Aki behaves in strange ways. Aki’s mother, Masami, says that Aki, suspecting Masami’s getting remarried, is just sulking. But Yuri feels uneasy for some reason. She gets a phone call from Aki while on a date with Kenji. ”Mom is staying out tonight. So, please come over!” On her way to Aki’s house, Yuri experiences... Will she ever overcome the impending fear?
  • We have Masami Tani, who has a warm fuzzy feeling full of moods of a gravure idol, challenges the very hard-to-visualize theme of Teke Teke, the famed city legend. Masami Tani, with her lenient mood, hanged in well in playing the part of Yuri until the end, putting up with the hard shooting schedule. Chika Arakawa as Aki performed beautifully the part of an emotionally unstable elementary school kid, which part was a hard one. Satoshi Morishita, as the lover, added depth to the production by his composed atmosphere and fragrant sense of something unique. The most difficult part in this production in physical term was that of Miro, who played Teke Teke. In the drug scent of special makeup as well as other inconveniences she stack to it for all day. While time was limited, all staff members and the cast got united together to make this production, which you should to see by all means. We’d be delighted if many of you view it.
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