SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
  • ダウンロード
  • 月額
  • Hazard Angel Crimson001
  • Hazard Angel Crimson002
  • Hazard Angel Crimson003
  • Hazard Angel Crimson004
  • Hazard Angel Crimson005
  • Hazard Angel Crimson006
  • Hazard Angel Crimson007
  • Hazard Angel Crimson008
  • Hazard Angel Crimson009
  • Hazard Angel Crimson010
  • Hazard Angel Crimson011
  • Hazard Angel Crimson012
  • Hazard Angel Crimson013
  • Hazard Angel Crimson014
  • Hazard Angel Crimson015
  • Hazard Angel Crimson016
  • Hazard Angel Crimson017
  • Hazard Angel Crimson018
  • Hazard Angel Crimson019
  • Hazard Angel Crimson020
  • ao Urarakawa, a woman detective, picks up a runaway girl named Piero, and calls her Tama. There is no peace in their awkward life together. Piero is a member of a terrorist group called ”Crying Circus” made up of 7 girls in their teens who assassinate people in the political world one after the other. In order to capture Piero, a traitor that had escaped from the organization, as well as to win back the data that had been stolen, her real older sister, ”Troupe Leader”, sends out two assassins, ”Wild Animal Tamer” and ”Beast” after her. The hands of evil close in on Piero. However, at the same time Nao is also dragged into the same whirlpool of trouble. Piero, in order to protect Nao goes falling into enemy hands. Nao, who is touched by something within Piero’s heart, although unthinkably reckless, goes off alone to resucue her. Can the two girls brush away the darkness that is closing in on them?
  • This is the action film by hot girls.There are Must-see dramas in it. Zen Pictures hasn’t zeroed in on the drama like this before.
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