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  • Akiballion V Vol.2001
  • Akiballion V Vol.2002
  • Akiballion V Vol.2003
  • Akiballion V Vol.2004
  • Akiballion V Vol.2005
  • Akiballion V Vol.2006
  • Akiballion V Vol.2007
  • Akiballion V Vol.2008
  • Akiballion V Vol.2009
  • Akiballion V Vol.2010
  • Akiballion V Vol.2011
  • Akiballion V Vol.2012
  • Akiballion V Vol.2013
  • Akiballion V Vol.2014
  • Akiballion V Vol.2015
  • Akiballion V Vol.2016
  • Akiballion V Vol.2017
  • Akiballion V Vol.2018
  • Akiballion V Vol.2019
  • Akiballion V Vol.2020
  • In order to rescue Shizuka who is polluted with an evil sprit, three girls fight against the monsters, which suddenly appeared in front of them. However, they’re caught in the foe’s trap and totally captured. One of the monsters, the Gendagin enjoys just like tormenting three Akibarion fighters, who cannot move at all. Even if Shizuka stays right side of them, she’s just looking at it and laughing at it. But when they face with imminent pinch, suddenly Shizuka shoots the Qigong Bullet toward them. The Gendagin is blown away by the blast from the Qigong Bullet. Three girls are removed restriction by the impact, and they unite their power and again stand face to face with the Gendagin and somehow they succeed in beating it. But the Yellow (Yuiko) gets damage that makes her incapable to fight anymore. Now they move to their secret underground room, and Yuiko starts treating her wounds. Akane and Meg nurse her. But surprisingly, one girl appears in front of them. She’s a gifted programmer called ”S” and actually named Nozomi Satou. Nozomi can control the real world and the virtual world with personal computers. And the foe’s last monster named Abiria suddenly appears and torments two Akibalions, the Red and the Blue. They’re chased into a deadly corner. And now the fighting place is moved to Akihabara. In order to stop the Abiria, which has become gigantic, everyone gathers their power into the Red, and the Akiba-Red becomes gigantic as well. Now, an unprecedented gigantic fight begins in fields of Akihabara...
  • This work ”The Akibalion V” is a progressed version of the last one ”The Akibalion”, so we renewed the costumes and challenged casting different from the last time’s styles. The three leading actresses were Miss Nana Ozaki as the Red, Miss Anna Kawamura as the Blue and Miss Rie Yamashiro as the Yellow, and we challenged shooting the film with these members. The last time we had a hard time to shoot it in the middle of summer, but this time inversely we really had a hard time in coldness of the middle of winter. Followed by the last one, a location on streets of Akihabara and a maid coffee shop appear in this work, too, so it obtains a different world view compared with other work. The staffs and casts united and shot this work. The shooting spot filled with very emotional matters, and at the end, we finished it off after we shot a scene in which the Red’s role, Miss Nana Ozaki became gigantic in the miniature set revived Akihabara and she fought against the monster. It really became very substantial three days. Heartily, I really want many people to see this work.
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