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  • Scary Bizarre Letter001
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  • Scary Bizarre Letter019
  • Scary Bizarre Letter020
  • “Of course letters don’t move! I just thought they looked like that!” Her close friend’s sudden death came as a shock to Ruka, a reality that she cannot accept, and the girls were talking about where they should go for their graduation trip together, just before the shocking incident happened. As Yoshie Iwayama, another best friend of hers, tries to cheer her up, Ruka begins to feel alright again. But what she doesn’t know is that it is only the beginning of a new terror that she is about to experience.... All letters she sees start transforming, and people around her die mysteriously, exactly in the way these words predicted. The truth will be finally uncovered ... when she is pushed to the limits of terror and beyond!
  • It is hard to describe the episode without spoiling it, so where should I start? Anyway, I can say I have seen tens of horror movies just before filming. Some are scary, some not, but whatever impressed me during watching them I have tried myself in making this episode. I believe you will enjoy this one, its nice visuals in particular. Also, check out the nice sound effects, essential to making a good film. Prepare for the terrors that strike without warning. There are plenty of scares to be found here. Enjoy it.
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