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  • Burst Ranger [First Part]001
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]002
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]003
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]004
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]005
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]006
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]007
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]008
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]009
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]010
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]011
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]012
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]013
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]014
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]015
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]016
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]017
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]018
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]019
  • Burst Ranger [First Part]020
  • To the four fighters of Burst Rangers, who are battling the Bust Draggers, the ring of evils, another fighter is set to be added. But, Blue objects to the addition on the grounds that it would spoil the team work among the four built up so laboriously so far. In the first battle, engaging the five of them together, Blue and the novice Pink find it awkward. Pink throws a deadly kick at Shadow, a fighting double for Bustine, the enemy’s cadre, but misses by an inch for the kill, allowing for the return attack which eventually sends the five of them retreating, badly wounded and shaken. Pink, feeling responsible for the lost fight, trains herself harder. Then, one day White has to cope with the Bust Draggers alone. Joining in the battle, Red is too late to save White out, and the Burst Rangers are lost, with Red and White taken to the enemy’s base. They face rigorous tortures, and Blue, Yellow and Pink try to rescue the other Rangers, but will they make it?
  • Five pin-up idols, with big attractive boobs, hustle hard in the actions. The Burst Rangers was shot in three days. Shiori Kawana, Red, was so serious and impressive, playing her part. Blue and Yellow, played by Rico Moriyama and Yuki Matsuyama, were fantastic with their super busts, giving such an impact to the production. White, played by Kanami Okamoto, was so sweet with her personality and helped to soften up the tight, strained atmosphere on the location. Ami Aihara, playing Pink, is a new pin-up idol. Unaccustomed to the shooting, she tried very hard and it was so obvious. On top of the five gallant girls, we had Catherine Takano who played a villain along with Rui Chion, to add to the depth of the production.
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