SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • サムネール
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  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G001
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G002
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G003
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  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G014
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G015
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G016
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G017
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G018
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G019
  • Gigantic Heroine Lady-G020
  • In the very near future, the gigantic robot ”Amadeus” owned by the mysterious organization ”Great Storm”, engaging in an undertaking to conquer the world in the underground world, has started devastating the peaceful towns. But, here comes Lady-G, the gigantic female robot confronting the evils, operated by Chigusa Mano, a beautiful agent. Lady-G knocks down Amadeus with boggling power. Frustrated Flashy Bernard, the operator of Amadeus, kidnaps Chigusa and puts her to grilling tortures to squeeze Lady-G’s secrets out of her.
  • This time, it’s gigantic! Robots! Enjoy the heavy-weight action plays. Saki Shimada, who’s making her debut with ZEN Pictures, is the one, operating the leading player Lady G. Although it was her first challenge, she did pretty well doing actions in her uniform. Just look for it! ◆Staff Comment: The robot punches, kicks, and flies. These pictures make me remind of special effect ones in a little bit earlier times. The story content approaches like a straight duel, so it’s easy to understand and it holds some points which I really want to be hit!! The leading actress, Miss Saki Shimada’s acting is outstanding, and also the other characters around her live up the story. Especially, the scene which is really lived up is the last showdown between Lady-G and the foe’s robot ” Amadeus.” This is really worth seeing. This work also has some effect that I feel like watching Japanese animation and comic, so I have been so excited. Please see and enjoy it.
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