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  • Dr. Midoriyama’s theory of transdimension is an internationally recognized invention, which attracted ”Silver Masks”, the residents from the different dimension, leading them to utilizing its data in order to conquer the dimension of this world. And they went so far as to alter the doctor’s daughter Ammy and his assistant Mei as their gents, calling them ”Ammy Rose” and ”Black Rose” respectively. Just as they began their scheme, Ami managed to escape from their hands and became a prime target for their attack! Getting back to the world of different dimension, Ammy will fight… However, in the world of different dimension, Silver Masks’ power is way stronger than hers! Ammy is dominated by their power and suffers tortures. What is going to happen to her?! And which side is ”Black Rose” on, her enemy or friend?!
  • Meet Miss Mitsui playing a very refreshing character, doing great actions and torture scenes. Also, don’t miss Miss Tsuji as her opposing enemy and Tsuji’s powerful acting that is simply fantastic.
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