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  • Big Heroine(R)Space Girl Legend Shawtis Vol.1001
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  • Big Heroine(R)Space Girl Legend Shawtis Vol.1020
  • Yuu Minami is a third-grade high school girl and manages a head of a student club that is a sort of spooky one named the Space Ideology Science Research Club. Everyday Yuu thinks about space with the sole member, a male classmate student named Shou in the clubroom. Before the summer, actually the club is going to be abolished, so as the club’s last event they have a plan to go to the sea in order to investigate aliens. But in front of them, suddenly a transfer student named AN appears. AN asks Yuu that she wants to be a member of the Space Ideology Science Research Club even though she just meets Yuu for the first time. Yuu wonders about AN, but she sees something special about AN while she talks with her. So she admits AN’s entry to her club, and three of them go out to the sea. Actually that’s the sea where Yuu had been kidnapped by an alien during her childhood. Three of them investigate about it. Yuu investigates about it with a machine which detects the alien’s marks, but without notice, AN appears in front of Yuu suddenly and pinions her so hard, and AN tells, ”I just want to examine a thing buried inside of your body.” Yuu cannot recognize what AN intends to say. Then, suddenly some people who have outlook of special force appear, and instead of that, AN disappears. However, Yuu is taken away by them. Yuu is investigated in somewhere like a base. While she looses her consciousness after hard investigation, Yuu hears shouting eco of a male member, Shou in her mind. And finally the Shoutiss-Enegy has been sleeping inside of Yuu’s body wakes... The Gigantic Heroine Shoutiss, Yuu bets on her all adolescence in her life and fights toward the space destiny which she cannot be away from.
  • It’s a first shooting work that we used brand-new gigantic heroine’s special miniature set built around Yokohama area. In this new studio which was just completed, beside of prior cities’set, it’s possible to shoot sets of mountains and the sea. An actress who rushed about wildly in the set was Miss Airi Nagasaku known as a popular gravure idol. She is very tall, so she was perfectly fitted with the original design’s costume of the gigantic heroine. Also Miss Nagasaku has a good motor nerve, so even if she experienced her first masked heroine, she moved so elegantly. And I believe that this work became very suitable one for the first shooting in the brand-new set. I think that the pinch and action scenes became different taste of fun, compared to our ordinary work. This is a work with might and main which could finish shooting with all her stick-to-itiveness. #It’s a gigantic transformation heroine thing, which makes me feel a long period of time since I saw this kind of one last time. In the first half, the plot goes on just like a school drama. I can see some heartwarming scenes, and also these scenes almost make me feel a sweet-sour feeling―but I start doubting that the plot just goes on like that in the rest of it, too? I thought it’s a gigantic transformation heroine thing..? And it’s almost a time that ominous clouds are about to cross my mind! However, suddenly the slow plotting drama accelerates its tempo at a stretch with stunning-vivid actions by Miss Arisa Nagasaku, a role of Yu! It pulls me into the work with strong magnetism! She is put in an embarrassing situation on a beach where she comes with her friends of a circle, and a gigantic monster also appears in front of them. She escapes from the pinch taking advantage of the disturbance, which the monster makes, and she doges and attacks the pursuers gallantly with a bikini figure (she looks so cool!). And then, she transforms herself into a life-size super-heroine! She has a stimulative figure, which looks neither too close to nor too distant from a heroine who is a little bit minor (someone understand it can smile on it). That pink costume literally backs up Miss Nagasaku’s ”blessed” physique further. And I come up with some thought―maybe I want to see her awesome activity in these scenes more, but the full of her actions are carried out in the latter half, so please take a look at that one as well. And at last she transforms herself into the Gigantic Heroine Shoutiss!! Miss Nagasaku’s whole body is wrapped with the costume designed with the color scheme of silver and blue, and upon these colors, vivid yellow is decorated as the fashion point, and it continues emitting her further charm (actually, Miss Nagasaku’s body can be classified into God class. I’m serious)! And there’s a super-powerful battle against the enemy monster among the mountains! The Shoutiss has a desperate time in this unfamiliar battle because it’s her first time. Her beautiful silver body becomes dirty with the ground and some mucus... And until that part, the story progresses just as promised one. Actually, the set of the entire work is performed in the analog set mostly. Someone may notice, ”CG is more comfortable and beautiful, isn’t it?” The suggestion is also so reasonable to say. But―but at any rate, everyone! Although it will probably be easy to tidy up simply in the word nostalgia and nostalgia for the good old days, ”heat” must be the most required thing for such a work and also ”spirit” must be necessary, I guess. There are so many CG films only for merely showing off their technology. When I’m looking at some movies, ” Oh, yes, yes. You, guys are doing CG, right. Ok, it’s great. It’s beautiful”, I think like that, and also many people may feel like that many times. In the world which is full with CG more than enough―it should be no problem with the analog special effects with a degree that is not considering any outside CG situations, shouldn’t it? Is there any problem with that? And owing to that, the heat of the shooting spots and players’ hot body temperature come out as they are, and somehow the warmth gets to my heart and make me feel some strange comfort. Of course, it is greatly thanks to Miss Arisa Nagasaku’s friendly figure and character, too (the making film is a big-time must item!). Maybe that’s a little different from a thing called excitement―but I can feel that such delicate body warmth is floating through the entire work... In there―I shall say again, Miss Nagasaku’s straight look without any doubt is carrying out ”the hot blood” and also bringing out ”the passion of youth”, and serves as a preeminent accent. I feel like that my eyes are likely to fill up with only the battle scenes after she becomes a gigantic heroine, yet the characters are drawn too polite enough in the part of the first half so that I can see the work with more participation. And somehow strange attachment has sprung―for me, it’s such a work..
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