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  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2001
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2002
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2003
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2004
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2005
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2006
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2007
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2008
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2009
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2010
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2011
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2012
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2013
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2014
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2015
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2016
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2017
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2018
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2019
  • KIGAI (Paranormal Town) Vol.2020
  • [Episode 3] Bizarre water starts attacking people. Miki, a fan of paranormal phenomenon, stands up to find out what’s going on. Victims have one thing in common ; try to catch Hekiru. While Miki protects her, the water attacks Reiko. Without Reiko’s help, Miki and Hekiru get isolated. In the 11th hour Hekiru transforms into a monster. [Episode 4] A man in black is watching Hekiru, now a monster, from a distance. The Self Defense Force attacks Hekiru. Trying to save Hekiru, Miki and Reiko plead for the Self Defense Force to stop. The man in black assaults Miki and Reiko. He turns out to be an alien, wanting humans to kill Hekiru because she is their enemy. The Self Defense Force gets the target in range. Miki and Reiko must save Hekiru as the friendship between Miki and Hekiru takes turns.
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