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  • Cyborg Mahlia Starring: Aki Yato Because of exceeding pride and battling ability, Cyborg Mahlia wipes out he evil organization, Dark Guild, that she herself belongs to. In order to come to terms with the significance of her own existence, she challenges her enemy, Cyborg Kareda of the Earth Self-Defense Force to a battle. However, the battle is intercepted by the head of the Dark Guild who had barely survived Cyborg Mahlia’s attack. Her acute pain circuit is activated and Mahlia is captured by the soldiers of the Self-Defense Force.... White Soldiers Thunder Bolt is summoned from far in the Amazon to find out the true identity of White Soldiers. They engage themselves in a severe battle against each other. However, the White Soldiers are thrown into a pinch with the appearance of Thunder Bolt’s new weapon, ”White Killer Gun.” What now, White Soldiers!!
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