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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
  • 月額
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  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition001
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition002
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition003
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition004
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition005
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition006
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition007
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition008
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition009
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition010
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition011
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition012
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition013
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition014
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition015
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition016
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition017
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition018
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition019
  • Blade Hearts - Red Edition020
  • Natsuki and Sakuraka have trained to become girl ninjas since the time they were born.... Their parents had been killed by Mihaneko, an evil ninja belonging to an evil clan called ”Onidoshu” , and Gaito a manipulator of evil spells. The two girl ninjas equipped with special ninja battle suits called Blue Bloss and Red Moon continue to fight to avenge the death of their parents. Natsuki is open and cheerful, whereas, Sakuraka, from the shock of her parents’ death only opens up very slightly even to her best friend Natsuki. In the meantime, the evil woman Mihaneko is scheming something that neither Natsuki nor Sakuraka could ever imagine. Natsuki is caught in a trap and attacked the instant she is about to transform, that she ends up being tortured in her most vulnerable condition just before complete transformation. Sakuraka fights with all her might to rescue Natsuki, only to find that she is also trapped...! Grade school ninjas, Natsuki and Sakuraka are thrown into a fix..... The filthy poison fangs of adults attack the noble and sublimely beautiful girls... Will the 2 girls somehow make it through and escape the hands of the evil ”Onidoshu”, then eventually crush and shatter them to pieces.....?
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