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  • サムネール
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  • Tokyo Ballistic War Vol.2 - Cyborg School Girls VS. Cyborg Athletes [Rated-15] 【English Dubbed】
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  • Actress
    Yuka Inoue Arisa Taki Ayaka Noda
  • Director
    Eiji Kamikura
  • Time
    60 min
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  • Ai manages to win the battle against DNJ-02, but she runs out of fuel after using the Wave Motion Gun, and is abducted by a cyborg soldier right in front of Megumi. Ai’s body is disassembled by Koumoto, executive director of Great Japan Heavy Industries, and she loses all the memories because of the computer virus affecting her system. Meanwhile, in order to save the captured Ai, Megumi sets out for Great Japan Heavy Industries on her own, carrying the Machine Kit with her, but she is confronted by DNJ-03 and DNJ-04, and is beaten by them. Megumi is also caught by insidious Koumoto, who subjects her to horrible tortures. Megumi endures the unspeakable pains desperately, but is stunned by what she sees. Standing before her is Ai herself, who is brainwashed. Will the two girls’ friendship be torn apart by the ruthless adults? The final phase of the greatest and craziest cyborg war begins now!!!!!!!
  • The wild, high-tension action and drama continue, with the dismantlement sequence of a cyborg body, plus new gadgets including a weapon coming out of a thigh, and jet fire blowing out from the sole of the foot. In this volume flesh-and-blood “Athlete-roids” attack the heroines in tandem, each showing nice actions. In the film’s great climax the two leading ladies battle each other and Miss Taki’s heroine will show you every gimmick she can do. Don’t miss the crazy and amazing fight scenes of “Tokyo Ballistic War Vol.2”!! 【Staff Comment】 This is a completely brand new genre’s film. I’m so impressed with the novel story plot and picture. Rather than the first volume, it has increased the power furthermore. People with gentle nerves may be exhausted after they encounter so much astonishment consecutively, I guess? Please, please see the final battle between two characters.
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