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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
  • 月額
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  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)001
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)002
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)003
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)004
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)005
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)006
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)007
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)008
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)009
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)010
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)011
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)012
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)013
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)014
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)015
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)016
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)017
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)018
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)019
  • Kuchisake Woman (Slit Mouth Woman)020
  • A serial killer terrorizes a town, stabbing people on the street. The killer hasn’t been caught yet. Shiori Ayakawa, a high school girl, aspiring to be a journalist, dares to investigate the case. She stumbles upon a strange fact.                                                                       A sad voice was always heard on the crime scene. It’s like a woman singing. Shiori discovers that the song is the same as an idol singer’s. The singer, Mika Shiratori, was singing it several years ago. She went missing after her promising career ended when her face was permanently scarred by an accident. People avoided Mika, leaving Mika hopeless. Losing her sanity, she slit her mouth with a knife and deformed her face horribly.                                         Murder is her revenge on the people who betrayed her as well as the only way for her to escape from the reality. All the people who saw her ugly slit mouth were brutally murdered. As Shiori continues her investigation, she is attacked by the Slit-mouth woman and nearly strangled. Shiori has nowhere to run. The woman corners her, saying ’Am I beautiful?... even like this?’ ’No, this is not a scar…this is a mouth.’ Terrors await those who unwarily step into an urban legend.
  • Check out the fascinating acting of Ayumi Onodera. She is in character, excellent as a former idol singer whose downfall from fame turns her into the serial killer Slit-Mouth Woman. Also,wonderful Aya Kato and scenes in which her character is attacked by the killer should not be missed.
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