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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
  • 月額
  • Dark Area - Green Alien
  • Product No.
  • Actress
  • Director
    Kanzo Matsuura
  • Time
    64 min | making 14 min
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    [Standard Membership] The Main Video 
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  • Dark Area - Green Alien001
  • Dark Area - Green Alien002
  • Dark Area - Green Alien003
  • Dark Area - Green Alien004
  • Dark Area - Green Alien005
  • Dark Area - Green Alien006
  • Dark Area - Green Alien007
  • Dark Area - Green Alien008
  • Dark Area - Green Alien009
  • Dark Area - Green Alien010
  • Dark Area - Green Alien011
  • Dark Area - Green Alien012
  • Dark Area - Green Alien013
  • Dark Area - Green Alien014
  • Dark Area - Green Alien015
  • Dark Area - Green Alien016
  • Dark Area - Green Alien017
  • Dark Area - Green Alien018
  • Dark Area - Green Alien019
  • Dark Area - Green Alien020
  • The Earth is at war against Planet Gray in the far future. Nozomu, a soldier, goes after a Gray alien in space but misses him. Cut to the modern-day Japan. Yurie, a graduate student majoring in mineralogy, is doing research about an mysterious ore. It seems no one has written anything about it. When she checks its components, the Gray alien suddenly shows up. Yukie is terrified and runs from the alien.
  • Sexy idol Misaki is attacked by a green alien. It’s based on a simple concept, which is interesting enoguh and needs no explanations.
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