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  • サムネール
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  • 月額
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  • With the Sailor energy given to them, Akane and Aoi set out to fight the evil organization Janol with Sailor Stella, as Sailor Enju and Sailor Acure! Jaydark’s attempt to defeat the three girl fighters has failed, but a new enemy appears before them! It is Noir, the most combat-able member of the Janol syndicate, and with his overwhelming power the formidable warrior drives the girls into the corner. But look! Something strange is happening to Stella’s body! In a glowing light armored body parts start manifesting themselves, mounted to Stella’s body!! Noticing her reinforced body, Noir retreats temporarily. With the tables turned, three Janol fighters decide to ally with each other for now after making a certain pact, and confront the three Sailor fighters again!!
  • Janol’s tactics have worked well, and the three Sailor fighters are now caught by the enemy. The girls are interrogated by the Janol members eager to know the secrets of the sacred gem – Stella by Noir, Enju by Jaydark and Acure by Alter. While the three girls endure the brutal interrogation by the Janol warriors, the holy gem of the legend finally appears. Filming was long and hard, continued late into the midnight, but the three players all stayed focused, giving their very best. I think the film’s interrogation scene is the longest I have ever filmed. Please enjoy it.
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