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  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2001
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2002
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2003
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2004
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2005
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2006
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2007
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2008
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2009
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2010
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2011
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2012
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2013
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2014
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2015
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2016
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2017
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2018
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2019
  • Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind Vol.2020
  • The Legends of ’the Golden Hidden Treasure’ is also known to present-day’s ninjas. It’s also told that the secret of immense and might treasure is hidden. Then, an underground organization named Iroad starts to engage in secret maneuvers again, in order to get ’the Golden Hidden Treasure.’ One day, members of the Justy-Wind fall into the pinch while fighting for the hand scroll, but are saved by a mysterious golden fighter. After the three of the Justy-Wind finishes the battle, wondering about the golden fighter as the Gold-Wind. Then, a number one intelligent girl at school, Sayuri Kanazawa(means golden lilies) appears there. Actually, she’s the Gold-Wind. But she tells them that Sayuri as the Gold-Wind doesn’t want to fight along with the members of the Justy-Wind. One of the members, Tubasa(means wings) tries to persuade Sayuri to fight together; however, Sayuri mentions that she really doesn’t make any partners, and turns the back to the three members. Yet, Tubasa again tries to persuade Sayuri who still concerns about fellows. Then, there appear the Mighty-Wind who has escaped from the enemy’s base, and appear a group of present-day’s evil ninjas who are chasing her. The Red-Wind transforms herself and fights against the enemy while protecting the Mighty-Wind. Sayuri sees the sight and concerns something while grasping the transformation item called the JustyPhone. And finally Sayuri makes up her mind and chooses to fight along with the fellows as the Gold-Wind. By a joining fight of the Gold-Wind, they seem to win the battle... Well, finally five members of the Justy-Wind gather, and the five put their power together and fight against the formidable enemy, the Iroad!!
  • This is the latest work of the latter part of a popular lineup ’The Ninja Special Investigator Justy-Wind.’ Along with the heroines’ selection at the audition, the actresses of the roles of the Justy-Wind were changed, and we proceeded the shooting. This time the three members of the Justy-Wind played mainly, and it became a story of the five with the Mighty-Wind and the Gold-Wind. The Red-Wind was acted by Miss Aya Takemoto obtains vigorous, cheerful, and smart atmosphere, and really matched with the role of the leader. The Blue-Wind was acted by Miss Rishika You and she performed some of the ZEN’s works before, but she experienced a full-face mask in the fighting-unit things for the first time, so that she seemed to have a sense of much hardness of the full-face work. The White-Wind was acted by Miss Asako Murase who is a 17-year-old gravure idol. She seemed to have had only a little experience of acting, but she showed a distinctive character as an actress, which looked superior to 17-year-old’s one. So, I believe that she would be an actress with good future prospects. In the action scenes, we employed each characteristic efficiently and could make these scenes very impressive. Please don’t miss to see this action entertainment played by the members of the five attractive actresses!!
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