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  • サムネール
  • 拡大
  • 月額
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  • Fighter of the Sun Leona001
  • Fighter of the Sun Leona002
  • Fighter of the Sun Leona003
  • Fighter of the Sun Leona004
  • Fighter of the Sun Leona005
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  • Fighter of the Sun Leona018
  • Fighter of the Sun Leona019
  • Fighter of the Sun Leona020
  • ... It has been one year since the Dark Lord Garunte was defeated. An elementary schoolteacher Yui has been enjoying her days teaching kids, and much-awaitef school arts festival is only a few days away. That is when a beautiful new school doctor Sakura arrives at Urushigaoka Elementary School where Yui works. Sakura, who lives in the neighboring district, instantly becomes very popular among the children. In the meanwhile, Yui hears a disturbing rumor about ‘Heroine Killer,’ a mysterious evil monster defeating the heroines of the Imperial City one after another. Now the only districts where heroines remain are Urushigaoka and its neighboring area Asahi-cho. And a mad scientist Dr. Seeker and Galtahut the monster are closing in on Leona. Can Yui stop the heinous plans of Dr. Seeker?! And who is Sakura...?
  • This time in ‘Leona,’ you get four heroine-in-peril scenes: Lady Sapphire, heroine of Asahi-cho, attacked by Galtahut; Yui (not transformed) attacked by combatants during the school arts festival: Leona beaten up by Lady Sapphire; and double heroine tortures. There are lots of highlights in this heroine-in-peril omnibus. Please enjoy them.
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