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  • Space Investigator Amorphous001
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  • Amorphous Violet is a galaxy special investigator belongs to the Galaxy Security Service. She is a beautiful woman who has justice mind. She is authorized to have a special gun which can separate physical and soul of the target. Only top seven investigators who are called “Goddess 7” can possess the gun. One day, Amorphous chases the space criminal Shukurado Beleza and come to the Earth but she accidentally killed Sota Kimishima who were a student on the Earth during the battle. Amorphous integrates with Sota to save his life as an emergency measure. However, Sota is panicked because he has to fight with brutal space criminals unexpectedly. Shukurado Beleza attacks Amorphous at the moment she loses battle power because of Sota’s conflict. Is Amorphous able to capture space criminals!?
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