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  • Super Sexy Heroine Ryuka001
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  • Ryuka calls herself a warrior at a secret organizaiton called Zelion. She acts out and misses Jako, the head of a crime organization. It is Hosen, a high-ranking member of the organizaiton, who confronts Ryuka. They haven’t met before but feel a connection. Tentei, the head of the organizaiton chastises Ryuka. But she is the apple in the eye. After all, it is spoiling.Then there comes Hosen ! She is Tentei’s spy and questions about spying. Tentei gives her a cold shoulder. Hosen goes back to Jako’s hide. Then there comes Ryuka.She is also a rat. The fierce fight between Ryuka and Hosen, representing good and evil, begins.
  • Shiori Kawana is called ”Queen of blogs”.I am glad to be able to cast her for the protagonist,Ryuka.Ayaka Ichinose is a cover girl and plays the antagonist.It is a perfect casting.Please pay attention to two idols wearing cute wardrobes and showing a cool,fierce fight. The Shooting got tough oftentimes.I rememeber their smile even if they hang in there.
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