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  • Lavana, an incarnation of evils, has been given a strong body not to be felled even by God or by devils. Witch Schulere, sent by Lavana as a messenger to the human world, falls in love with a scientist named So Tsukasa, marries him, to call herself Miyu Tsukasa and bears three daughters, Mao, Shiori and Yoriko. She travels back to Lavana so as to protect the human world and succeeds in sealing off Lavana’s power with all her might. As time passes, Lavana’s seal is now broken, but by that time the three sisters have grown to be witches of justice, endowed with power by their late father. Donned in magical suits, they start fighting Lavana and her gang. Overwhelming their power, Lavana hurts Yoriko and captures Shiori. Lavana now tortures Shiori, who looks exactly like Yumi, and sucks up all her mighty magical power. Shiori, deprived of her magical power, faces the time of her execution...
  • This time we presents a group of 3 fighters;Red,Orange and Purple.Please pay attention to thier cool and sexy actions!
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