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  • Mina belongs to PIT, the secret institution of Public Security Intelligence Agency. She masquerades as the mistress of a cadre of a criminal organization which steals the jewel of a goodwill ambassador of Africa, and takes back the diamond. But it is a trap a betrayer of Toba Group sets. Mina is confined. She’s forced to go through a humiliating body check and confess where the diamond is. Mina beats a guard and catches the betrayer, but decides to quit PIT,disappointed by it. The Head Office finds the whereabouts of Mina’s old teacher, Takuma, who has sold information to the enemy country and fleed the country. It orderes the assassination of Takuma to Mina as her last mission. Mina has once been betrayed by Takuma. She vengefully breaks into the hideout of Takuma, but there is a terrible trap waiting for her.
  • ◆Director Commnet The cool and hard heroin in this work is worth noticing. The leading actress is Sayoko Ohashi from ”the Amazoness.” All of the scenes are the highlight of the film. The villains are highly indivisualitic, such as a hired killer who is also a master of Kung Fu, professional wrestlers or others, and there are also a lot of heroine-in-danger scenes. I hope you enjoy this work as we did a lot attempts that we had not done before. ◆Staff Comment The silhouette check-up should have been done in an insistent or businesslike manner. I had no idea the gem was taken out from which hole until I heard the later lines. I found the boss funny saying ”What do you think you are?!”
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