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  • Cosmo Agent Windy001
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  • Dai-Yoma, emperor of Yoma, who has been obstructed by two Cosmo Agents Aruma and Excel while trying to conquer the world, is upset. For his real purpose of coming to the earth is to find and eliminate the descendant of Wind Aliens that sealed off his magical powers a thousand years ago. After getting to know the fact, Aruma and Excel find out that a student named Ramu Ohsawa is the very person Yoma is looking for, but Yoma is about to reach her...
  • It may be no exaggeration to say that this production was started just for my self-satisfaction. At first, I had no idea what ”Cosmo Agent Series” would become but this is already the third film of the series. It features ”Cosmo Agent Windy”! I thank all of you who have been supporting me, the entire cast including Maho Tomegawa, Ayumi Onodera, Aya Kato, and all the staff concerned. I would like to express my thanks to all! I think this latest production became very interesting with the help of all the staff who did a great job in the November rain and coldness, so please do not miss it. The ”Cosmo Agent Series” that lasted for three months was concluded in this third film anyway but if I receive any hot (this is the point) request from you, I will be happy to bring it back! Please wait until then!
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