SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • After successfully repelling the fierce attack from General Balhead, three girls - Fledor, Akur and Camir - part and go their own ways. Akur quietly waits for her magical power to recover, which she spent to create evil spirits. Camir swears revenge for her severely wounded sister and Fledor wanders aimlessly, having lost the meaning of life. Now General sends another party of hunters, Vicious Troopers. Three girls have to face tough fight, and after their fateful battle Camir is captured in the end. Interrogation by General and Trooper’s Commander Janen begins to force captured Camir to confess where Fledor and Akur are.
  • The film features quite entertaining 3 one-on-one fight sequences between Vicious Troopers and the girls. The three heroines are played by hugely popular and talented Gravure Idols. Don’t miss the great performances of the heroines fighting fiercely like a beast!
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