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  • Assassin:The Second Chance001
  • Assassin:The Second Chance002
  • Assassin:The Second Chance003
  • Assassin:The Second Chance004
  • Assassin:The Second Chance005
  • Assassin:The Second Chance006
  • Assassin:The Second Chance007
  • Assassin:The Second Chance008
  • Assassin:The Second Chance009
  • Assassin:The Second Chance010
  • Assassin:The Second Chance011
  • Assassin:The Second Chance012
  • Assassin:The Second Chance013
  • Assassin:The Second Chance014
  • Assassin:The Second Chance015
  • Assassin:The Second Chance016
  • Assassin:The Second Chance017
  • Assassin:The Second Chance018
  • Assassin:The Second Chance019
  • Assassin:The Second Chance020
  • CAT (Confidential Agent Team) is an organization secretly formed by the government to assassinate the criminals the law cannot touch. The CAT members are all former death-row convicts specially trained for assignment and if they successfully complete the mission, they get freedom. However, if they fail, death by execution awaits them. Now three female agents, Yuki Hosaka, Kyoko Kamitani and Mihiro Sugiura, are trained hard under the supervision of Instructor Chiba for their assignment. Finally the day for their mission comes, but Mihiro cannot fully trust Yuki because Mihiro noticed the subtle changes in Yuki when the assignment is given to them. Will the three girls complete the mission and be set free? Or do Mihiro’s misgivings prove right after all?
  • This is Miss Rei Toda’s first film by ZEN Pictures and she plays a key role in the story. Check out her dance scene in the film! We really wanted that scene so she even signed up for special dance lessens to learn the choreography. The first volume describes the girls’ days of hard training under the strict instructor Chiba and their mission, and also the emotional changes that the female fighters go through.
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