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  • In the past, Medusa, who plotted to turn this world into darkness, was sealed by Athena, but now Medusa comes back to life with the subordinate of Scorpion. Preparing for the rival Medusa, Mima Hoshizuki who has the ability of Red Pegasus, utilizing fire, and Midori Hoshizuki who has the ability of Blue-Kygnas, utilizing ice, and Ryuka Hikariboshi who has the ability of Black-Dragon, utilizing thunder. Three of them names themselves Star Guardian and day by day they train themselves and protect Saya Seiya who is supposed to be the reincarnation of Athena. However, due to meaningless pride of Midori, Saki is fallen into hands of Medusa. At first, Medusa plots to beat the obstructive Star Guardian, brainwashes Saki, captures Mima and Midori. Due to Mima who is kidnapped and covered all over with wounds, Midori is forced to fight against Ryuka. Midori is beaten by Ryuka’s deadly blow. Well, is it possible for three female warriors to rescue Saki and beat both Medusa and Scorpion!
  • ◆Director Comment: Motif is instantly understood by someone knows. Actually I wanted to add more various costumes, but this is battle one; so I tearfully kept them down. Places worth seeing are such as a gap between Miss Yuuki Kurata’s totally beaten figure and her stylish figure, and unspoiled acting of our company’s first appearing actress named Miss Toka Hattori, and over expelling of sexy pheromone of Miss Sayuri Ono. I wish that anyone could enjoy this film. ◆Staff Comment:Not only the story was so fascinating but also leotard figures of acting girls had so much impact on me. Especially, personally I would like to strongly recommend figure of Miss Sayuri Nakano who’s tortured in a ring. It’s so exciting to see the leotard which is digging into her crotch deeply. I really want you to enjoy this work. (Don.K)
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