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  • The pressman, and warehouse autumn Caren is a super-heroine, and steel angel who came flying from outskirts of to tell the truth far space. Caren that loving beautiful the earth doesn’t stop kept fighting against evil to defend human race’s peace every day. However, there were people who thought such steel angel’s activity to be hateful. Woman president Retscsnoki Luisa of the Retscsnoki financial clique did not like by the heroine who misted her existence, and was wishing to its. And, it knows the existence of the Dr. Roiz who similarly thinks the heroine’s activity to be unpleasant. Luisa succeeds in making heroine’s weak point pried setting the Dr. Roiz. Heroine’s weak point is obtained by using abundant financial powers and, and it forces it on the doctor, and Luisa who has a variety of blame tools made forces on it the further criticism of the heroine who weakens by using Sraim etc. and forces the loyalty the stick that used the Chris right ore on doing as attaching. Caren rejects Luisa’s demand though pants painfully. Luisa keeps criticizing obstinately, and afflicting Caren. Moreover, the union that Caren captured before by two villains becomes reinforced man and attacks Caren by Luisa. Caren does escape really from this pinch, and can defend peace in the earth?
  • Because Mr. Shiro who had performed to this work had wanted to draw the heroine of atmosphere like an adult, it was a fit post. Please Caren in the latter half is cornered to villain’s part’s steel devil and Stelcong and pay attention to the impassioned performance of becoming as a viewpoint only acting of two villains’ flowerpots and Mr. Shiro’s mud the scene it that becomes a pinch.
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