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  • In the distant future... in order to reduce the population that has grown out of hand, the government isolates all criminals to the underworld. Now, these criminals who had fallen to the underworld time slip and come to the world today in order to kill the woman who had created the basis of the system to track down criminals. In the meantime, a beautiful woman named Kaoru Amamiya is attacked by mysterious villains, who appear out of the blue! However, she is saved by two beautiful girls who are still only 12 years old! These girls turn out to be future warriors from the future called Preimier Knights, who are dispatched from the future to protect Kaoru. The girls are thrown into a pinch when Bihimos the mainupulator of Slime, a formidable enemy appears. Kaoru, who is captured is tortured by Slime! Will the beautiful girl warriors from the future be able to protect Kaoru and defeat the evil enemy Bihimos
  • These leading girl players are only 12 years old. Aimi and Ayumi were just perfect in their actions. While it must have been tough for them doing the part, they smiled their way through the actions. And, the pretty Italian Japanese, Serena,also had guts to challenge her difficult part.
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