SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • Kids Soldier BURST001
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  • Kids Soldier BURST015
  • Kids Soldier BURST016
  • Kids Soldier BURST017
  • Kids Soldier BURST018
  • Kids Soldier BURST019
  • Kids Soldier BURST020
  • The World’s First All Kids Action! The creatures burst out in rage at humans who are polluting the environment! Kid Soldiers, you are the chosen ones! Go forth to maintain peace on Earth! Chika and Kaoru take on their mission as Kid Soldiers and battle to maintain peace on Earth. Yuko and Sho who were once their friends appear as monsters called the Mantis Brothers before them! Kaoru is flustered and loses her will to fight... On the other hand, Chika goes off all alone to their hide-out and challenges them, but the worst is yet to come! Will the two be able to carry out their mission?!
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