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  • Midori, a high school co-ed, Yuhki, an actress, and a few of their boy friends are confined in a dilapidated studio, sweltering with the summer heat. They struggle away from the incoming Zombies, looking for a way out but in vain... The survivors are doubting and hating each other, and co-ed Midori is thrown out as a sacrifice to Zombies. She escapes miraculously and sets out to fight Zombis, with her attachment to survival having aroused her fighting instinct.. Meanwhile, Yuhki goes out fighting Zombies to trace down the instigator of massacre and to obtain the cross that is the key to her survival. She soon gets bitten by Yuhna, who has been turned into a Zombie, and falls prey to Zombies... Knowing that she soon will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and degrades into an ugly Zombie herself, Yuhki commits suicide... Co-ed Midori drains her will to fight back and has her white thighs bitten by Zombies.. And, Midori tosses and turns in agony with withdrawal symptoms and soon finds out the truth...!!
  • Spectacular to watch toward the latter half of the story is the scene where our Heroines are attacked by Zombies. Mari Sakurai and Airi Yamamoto played hard to perform their parts well. Airi, who is just 17, was shocked by the Zombie attack so frightening that she said later that she would never perform in hellish Zombie scenes. But, her performance was real and impressive you don’t want to miss. Mind you, this production finishes in a bad ending, which is kind of rare, so you will be left with a helpless finale. This production was shot in truly sweltering summer heat with unique cuts and trims to show our Heroines in pinches and actions. 【Staff Comment】 If I talk about tones of the overall drama work, it comparatively became a kind of a hard-touch one in a categorization of ZEN PICTURES. In a good meaning, there’s no ”promised” story plots―and I guess that someone reads this so far may feel uncertainty about it. That’s right. ”How is the heroine, the most important girl!?” The matter about it―even if we take up only the charm of Miss. Airi Yamamoto who strives for the main role, there is enough of it. So please feel easy. You can see her provocative hairs like black silk and her eyes with very strong will... Her performance is also masterly and gives us impressions of appearances of ”The Heroine” literally. Such a lovely girl is clothed in a Japanese sailor suit, and mows off monsters with a Japanese sword―so just forget about some setup details and enjoy her brave figure in these actions,I hope. Of course, we cannot miss to see other two girls! One is Miss Mari Sakurai who plays the sub-heroine (a sort of prim looking figure with shy heart is so nice!), and we cannot miss to the other girl, Miss Natsumi Aoi who shows quite hairbreadth and freakish acting! Rather than good tempo and dreadful fear―something like wet-swampy and heavy-languid taste are ruling all over the work, so I hope that especially anyone who like to enjoy seeing the heroines’ figures stickily and deliberately is have to see this one. Although it’s so tedious to say at the after last―I recommend Miss Mari Sakurai with all my heart and mind and strength...!
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