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  • Space Fighters Julia001
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  • Bionut is one of the 48 Earths that exist within a warped space that is similar that of the ring of Mebius. The tyrant of this world, Medo schemes to seize and bring under his control all the Earths. However, a resistance called ”Force” that attempts to stop Medo from carrying out his plan and save the savior that exists on the only Earth that is left, sends in a woman warrior named Julia. Julia sneaks into Earth and under the disguise of a high school student begins her search of the savior. However, to her surprise, she finds that a classmate named Kasumi Morinaga, who keeps tagging along with her is the savior that she is looking for! Medo who finds out about this, uses a space teleportation device to send Medo troops one after the other to Earth where Kasumi resides. Will Julia be able to stop Medo in his tracks and protect the savior?!
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