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  • Beautiful Soldier Soul Gurdian001
  • Beautiful Soldier Soul Gurdian002
  • Beautiful Soldier Soul Gurdian003
  • Beautiful Soldier Soul Gurdian004
  • Beautiful Soldier Soul Gurdian005
  • Part 1 Two girls, Shinobu Suwa and Tenon Kai are suddenly entrusted with the ability and mission of “Soul Guardian” by sun disk, the guardian god of land. Oboro, Yuhari, and Geppaku are given orders by the Queen of the underworld, Getsuhana to exterminate the Soul Guardians. Therefore, the evil demons immediately begin their search for the Soul Guardians. Yuhari manipulates a demonic insect of the underworld and brainwashes Soul Guardian White, so that she ends up in battle with Pink.The battle between the two Soul Guardians and Yuhari is finally launched! Part 2 Oboro, the diabolic ogre of the underworld who is given Getsuhana’s cursed Japanese sword, starts off on his search for the Soul Guardians. Oboro who takes the soul of Lena Yamashiro, a classmate of Shinobu and Tenon, lures the Soul Guardians out to a secret place. The battle between Oboro who flings the cursed Japanese sword around, and the two Soul Guardians breaks out. Lena’s soul is handed over to Geppaku... Oboro and his men drive the Soul Guardians up against the wall with their whips and swords. Getsuhana finally destroys her own hide-out and buries the Soul Guardians alive. What will become of Lena’s soul? And, what will become of the Soul Guardians?!
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