SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • One day Kotono passes by an Inari Shrine on her way home and meets a boy. One thing leads to another and she walks him home. But his home has been vacant for years. Kotono freaks out when she finds out that there was a murder in the house and the boy was the victim. The body of the boy is still not recovered and Kotono tries to find it so that his soul goes to heaven. In the meantime, her friends, Yuko and Ayaka, sneak into the house to see who’s really brave and try to communicate with the spirit of the boy through a Japanese ouija board. But they invite the spirit of his mother by mistake, who killed the boy. The spirit goes into Kotono. Surprised by that, Yuko removes her finger from the marker on the board and unleash the spirit.
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